OK Animal

by bollywood

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released February 12, 2013

Recorded at SignatureTone w/ Adam Tucker



all rights reserved


bollywood Minneapolis, Minnesota

"The band plays scuzzy gutter-electro that is waist-deep in seedy underbelly vibes and hazy detachment." - Reviler

"... As though they wrote this looking through a black and white kaleidoscope on PCP." - Head Underwater

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Track Name: OK Animal
for a mind that's near
went back
around the bend
beyond where
a stone's throw is feared
and un-described
by the rules ya bed
high noon noon noon noon noon

glad ya came
while out of range
and tho yr drama don't mean a thang
your plans fill the space
oh yes its on again
goin' hard to mean something
while there's an okay animal
running wild again again & again

floor tom
through a duct taped 58
just wanna know the body-brain
and if there ever was a part of me
that can only ride where the luggage stays
or while your playing on that guitar
it's right there not needing me
and I don't ever wanna stand in the way
of that arcane affinity

glad ya came
while out of range
and tho I may not know yr game
all & all
yr priced the same
while there's an animal…
there's an okay animal running wild again again & again
Track Name: Turquoise
Remember our old job packing poison on that slow killing floor?
We felt the weight of the world so good it was surely Limbo
Hidden in the line-chalk, get it while it's hot, livin' like ancient Rome
When it fades away mama grab my thang I'm out to find a road
& now I'm calling for you...

Is anybody up top nickel-&-a-dimin' 6 billion strong?
Or can't ya stand the wait of a cancelled fate for not taking the call
Come get a front row seat to the death-threat screaming through a child's balloon.
Way more like the waveforms rushing us out beyond the clues
& now I'm coming for you...

Hey now I've got all my turquoise on
& I'm afraid all the women in the room are alone
you'll see a warzone, a warzone she's standing on
& I don't want it at all, I don't want it at all. I don't want a cannonball

Blow it up in the face of a backfired for-hire paper wing burning sun
Now that I know I don't want anymore
Well it's the whole time spent counting all the times I've been counting on
Or it's just the way you bite down on what's been done.
Track Name: Young
piles of waste left out in the ocean
like the taste of sulfur on our tongue

piles of waste pumped out of the stations
like a stranger's hand upon our thigh

when's it out of the way?

piles of waste floating around the apartment
like the advertisements on our brain

it's not a war, it's just product placement
and it pays for all my art

when's it out of the way?
when you out of your way?

[when i was young no one told me what to do so I just do it and then I do it to you.]
Track Name: Security Camera Blues
any movement
from what was already dead
will scare anyone,
i read the book
of what was all his...